News update

          Our application for IRS recognition of tax-exempt status is presently trapped in a backlog of pending applications. We have learned that IRS reviewers are just now being assigned to examine applications that were submitted last June.

          This means that our application, which was submitted in early September, probably won’t be assigned to an IRS specialist until next March or April. We remain confident that our application will be promptly approved upon review.

          We had hoped to complete the conversion of from a for-profit enterprise to a tax-exempt organization on January 1, 2011. Although the timetable for donating the website’s assets to the Institute for Public Policy Reporting has been wrecked, we remain undaunted and we are continuing to accept FREE registrations from journalists and government relations professionals.


          PublicPolicyMatters is a daily service that aggregates the latest public policy-related news and information from governmental, congressional and interest group websites onto a single webpage for the convenience of its registered users, as well as to alert users to news and information they might otherwise never see.

          Every weekday evening, our four-member editorial team examines more than 2,300 websites. They select news releases, reports, and other documents that implicate public policy issues in accordance with objective selection criteria. They apply no litmus test—partisan, ideological, theological or otherwise—that might interfere with a free flow of ideas, viewpoints, and information.

          Every morning, editors and reporters in more than 1,200 newsrooms throughout the country begin their day with our report.

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 is a project of the Institute for Public Policy Reporting. The Institute’s core mission is to “promote excellence in journalism and government transparency by encouraging journalists to fulfill their unwritten but universally acknowledged obligation to provide timely and accurate news about public policy issues, and thereby help meet the substantial information needs of an enlightened democratic society.”

          The Institute’s affairs are administered by a five-member board of directors who are all veteran journalists with Washington reporting experience.

For more information, email the executive director at or contact by phone (304-754-9189).